Official release of Conflicks: Revolutionary Space Battles!

After more than two years of intense development, we are proud to announce the official release of our second title, Conflicks: Revolutionary Space Battles. For more information on our game, visit our Steam Store page where you will be able to buy the game!

For those of you interested with the creation process behind Conflicks and Sang-Froid, we suggest to read an article we wrote and published on Made with Unity: .



Review roundup time! If you hadn't gotten the chance to check out some of the reviews on Conflicks, we've got you covered! These are our launch week reviews:

Gaming Illustrated — 9.2/10

The Indie Motel — 8.8/10

The Sixth Axis — 8/10

The Game Fanatics — 8/10

Hardcore Gamer — 7/10 — No Score, good write up though



Finally, we sincerely wish to thank our community for all the support we received during our Early Access on Steam! You really helped us make Conflicks the great game it is!

Long live the Galactic Republic!