An overview of the different factions of Conflicks : The Sublime Gate

To conclude this series, we present you the Sublime Gate and two of its great heroes, Kaan and Kain.

The Sublime Gate

Even though the Sultan Soliman is only half alive, controlled by his wife Roxelanne and the 299 clones in his harem, the empire of the Sublime Gate is nevertheless wealthy and its fleet is no less formidable. Its vessels, covered with coloured gemstones and labyrinthine arabesques, are famed for their unmatched firepower and their capacity to clone themselves. Since Roxelane had Ibrahim Pasha, her main rival, decapitated, there is nothing more to oppose her power, except perhaps Mustafa, the Sultan's eldest son from a previous marriage.

Kaan and Kain

A Christian peasant living on a planet of the Sacred Alliance, Kaan was captured by the army of Mustafa, the eldest son of the Sultan, when he was still only a child. He was then chosen among the slaves to become a janissary, an elite soldier in the armies of the Sublime Gate. Converted to Islam and re-baptized, he soon made his mark and became friends with his commander Mustafa, who cloned him as a reward, giving Kaan's double the name Kain. It is said that the two generals have since become inseparable, but the mysterious Roxelane, bitter enemy of Mustafa, swore she would prove this untrue...

Next week…

Even though we’ve had a brief summary of the 4 Imperial Houses of Conflicks, there is still a lot to say on the subject. In the coming weeks, we’ll give you more details on the spaceships and origins of each faction. Stay tuned!