An overview of the galaxy in Conflicks: Celestial Empire

As the sole possessor of the complex and mysterious distillation process for the Wine of Youth, the Celestial Empire must constantly protect its borders against incursions from the Sacred Alliance and Greater Britain whose emperors dream of nothing but stealing the secrets of this precious liquid without having to spare the sensibilities of Francis I. Produced exclusively with grapes from Pernand-Vergelesses on Earth whose juice is fortified with metamatter, the elixir is then fermented in a process spanning several planets with vast distances between each other in order to prevent anyone from decrypting the recipe.

Completely surrounded by his rivals Henry VIII and Charles V, Francis I recently signed a military agreement with the Sultan Suleiman of the Sublime Gate to help restore the balance of power. Although the effectiveness of this new, unexpected, alliance is yet to be seen, this diplomatic success proves that the Celestial Empire will stop at nothing to defend its honor ... and its Wine!

The Abyss

Having been charged with distilling the precious Wine of Youth, the monks who live on the monastery planet of the Abyss wanted to conceal their mother house from prying eyes by building it very close to the super black hole Cygnus X-. Except for the monastic community itself, only a few close confidents of Emperor Francis the 1st are aware of the existence of this planet, which is of key importance to the Celestial Empire.

Cygnus X-13

Cygnus X-13 is a huge "black hole" located in the Cygnus constellation. In fact, the term "black hole" is used for lack of a better term because its physical properties are very difficult to define. Its power to attract light is so strong that it prevents any celestial body to be detected within a range of 300 cosmic leagues. Some explorers, convinced that Cygnus X-13 is actually a giant "wormhole," have attempted to use it to reach remote regions of the galaxy.

Golden Fleece

Golden Fleece is a unique planet with a moon made of the finest Gruyère cheese in the galaxy. Although it was discovered by the Celestial Empire, the planet was recently annexed to the Sacred Alliance by the Treaty of Urticaria in which its transfer was specified in the fine print. Aware of his diplomatic error, Francis I of the Celestial Empire is now scheming in every possible way in hopes of seeing "his Precious" again.

Reefs of Morneplaines

The theatre, in 1772, of one of the bloodiest clashes between Greater Britain and the Celestial Empire, the reefs of Morneplaines are a cluster of very dense asteroids that now act as a neutral zone between those two great powers. Numerous miscreants hide there and use the asteroids to set up ambushes of merchant fleets that venture through there looking for shortcuts.


A swank, flashy restaurant planet whose reputation goes far beyond the boundaries of the Celestial Empire, Plouquet's became famous when Emperor Francis I decided to celebrate the first anniversary of his Declaration of Universal and Perpetual War there with a meal so copious that three courtiers could not survive it.

Impassable Limbo

For some unexplained reason, all crews that have attempted to cross the zone dubbed the Impassable Limbo have fallen asleep en route. Analysis of their dreams suggests that the region is a boundless platitude.

Little Slaughter

Although lesser in size than its neighbour the Great Slaughter, this unhealthy place is nevertheless a huge expanse of uninhabited space where there is an incalculable quantity of chicken corpses and garbage produced by the intense production of metamatter on a galactic scale.

Sidereal Turpitudes

The name Sidereal Turpitudes designates an extremely turbulent region of the galaxy permanently plagued by multiple cosmic storms capable of smashing any spacecraft.


The planet Epoisse is the location of a top secret prison in an outlying sector of the Celestial Empire. Simply documenting its existence is a crime punishable by disintegratioooooooooooo

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