An overview of the galaxy in Conflicks: Sacred Alliance

As the first imperial house to start colonizing the galaxy, the Sacred Alliance possesses the greatest number of habitable planets (nearly a hundred worlds) and its empire occupies the largest territory in the known galaxy. If not for Charles V's need of the Wine of Youth from the Celestial Empire to extend his life, or the large quantities of metamatter from Greater Britain’s purse to build his galactic galeons, the Sacred Alliance would have probably crushed these empires before they had a chance to conquer space in their own time. However, the recent alliance between the Celestial Empire and the Sublime Gate changes the game and is currently forcing the Emperor-Messiah to adopt some new, more defensive strategies, maybe even seeking the help of Henry VIII.

The Sacred Alliance's empire is divided into two parts named the "imperial" and the "exotic" zones. While the imperial zone is under constant attack by the Sublime Gate in the Marches of Pygmalion, the exotic zone, under a more peaceful appearance, is actually a nesting ground for all sorts of heresies that must be fought relentlessly by the chronomancer monks of the Imperial Inquisition.


One of the best suited planet for raising laying hens in the galaxy, Bastion has always been disputed territory between the Sacred Alliance and Greater Britain. It is now used to conduct experiments in chicken genetics. Although this undertaking has until now been successful, with egg yolks 42% larger than average, there are rumours that these DNA manipulations have other, more … negative impacts. To be more precise, some hens seem to have mutated into humanoid form and have developed extraordinary intelligence…

The Wastars

This huge sector has been abandoned by the great empires who've exhausted the resources of all its planets through the overly intensive production of metamatter. No one goes there today except a few crackpot explorers, searching for hypothetical buried treasure under the ruins of factories and abandoned henhouses.

The Marches of Pygmalion

This border sector between the empires of the Sacred Alliance and the Sublime Gate was virtually built from scratch by chronomancer monks who had misused metamatter during a metameditation session on positive thought. Unfortunately the monks met their death when the new region was conquered shortly afterward by the Sultan Soliman who saw this as an opportunity to expand his empire. The Marches have remained bitterly disputed ever since.


During the course of endless war between the empires of the Sublime Gate and the Sacred Alliance for the control of the Marches of Pygmalion, the Myrmidia sector has changed allegiance 42 times, so much so that its inhabitants have become very much attached to both cultures and have perfectly mastered their languages, traditions and politics. They wish more than anyone for the war to finally end.

New Vienna

A planet particularly well-stocked with game orbiting Knödel III, New Vienna is the favourite hunting ground of the Emperor-Messiah Charles the Fifth, who established his principal extra-terrestrial palace there. In spite of the splendours of the court, tension has increased slightly since the armies of the Sublime Gate have began besieging the planet in order to annex it to their empire

The Devil's Den

The region called the Devil's Den delimits a border zone between the Sacred Alliance and the Celestial Empire, barely 50 cosmic leagues wide at its narrowest point. No one knows exactly where that strange name comes from, but some say that it is related to the famous libertine adventurer Don Ernesto Arbona's alias "El Diablo," who often took refuge there with the men (or women, depending on which stories you believe) he loved to escape the violence of the Inquisition....


Deception is an extremely bright star but without any known planets.


The twin sister of Deception, the star Sadness, while very bright, has no planet that could make it of interest for exploration.


Speranza is a little planet orbiting in a peculiar way between the stars Sadness and Deception. The extreme brightness of these stars has until recently made detection of the planet impossible. It turned out that the planet is inhabited by a utopian, vegetarian human community. The Inquisition quickly declared these habitants heretics because they do not recognize the sacredness of the Emperor's hens.

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