An overview of the ships in Conflicks: Greater Britain

As we've already covered, in Conflicks: Revolutionary Space Battles, four great imperial houses wage a merciless war to conquer the planets of the galaxy on which they build henhouses to produce the precious metamatter. The “funny” part is that this metamatter is mainly used to produce even more warships to fuel the never-ending conflict even more.

Over time, each imperial house has developed unique techniques on how to best use metamatter. When Leonardo Da Vinci died at Clos Lucé in 1519, he encoded the secrets of making and using metamatter in the curves of the enigmatic smile of the Mona Lisa. The painting was then copied many times by Leonardo's followers and the versions studied all over Europe differed from each other ever so slightly, which partly explains the uniqueness of the metapowers developed by each imperial house over the next centuries.

In this new series of articles, we will describe the war fleet of each house, their ships, their weapons and their special powers, starting with Greater Britain.

The Ships of Greater Britain

Greater Britain has developed an unrivaled expertise in the “insubstantiation” of metamatter, a complex process that turns metamatter into wondrous metals and other substances. This particular expertise allows this empire to create ship hulls out of britannium, which is more resistant than that of any other imperial house.

The ships of Greater Britain are massive and intimidating, ornamented with elaborate gothic figures giving off the impression of flying cathedrals. Their names are taken after the many ex-wives of Emperor Henry VIII.

Patrol Ship — Parr-Class

This small, inexpensive, yet highly maneuverable ship has the ability to bristle with sharp spikes of britannium which have the potential to inflict considerable damage to an enemy when rammed at full speed.


Torpedo Ship — Clèves-Class

To increase the efficiency of sneak attacks on large enemy ships, Greater Britain developed a special stealth coating called “chameleonium” that renders their Torpedo Ships completely invisible. Unfortunately, because this chemical compound is rather unstable, the effect has a limited duration, but a seasoned general will always manage to find clever strategies to surprise his opponents with it.


Corvette — Howard-Class

This midsized ship is quite versatile and benefits from a britannium carapace that allows it to reflect any hostile projectile. Used at a proper location, this defensive weapon can cause considerable damage to enemies of the empire.


Henship — Blount-Class

On top of collecting metamatter from planets, this Henship is equipped with a cleptodrone, which is a small, stealthy flying robot, capable of stealing metamatter directly from the reserves of nearby enemy ships. Use of this drone has therefore a double effect: enriching your metamatter supply while depriving your enemies of their own.


Frigate — Boleyn-Class

Since the primary role of Frigates is to tow fleets over long distances, the engineers of Greater Britain felt the need to improve the accuracy of their travels by equipping Boleyn Class ships with a special navigation system powered by an artificial “brain” made out of the agglutinated grey matter of billions of albino gerbils.


Destroyer — Aragon-Class

In addition to long-range torpedoes designed to destroy large enemy ships, this Destroyer is equipped with the so-called "shockwave" torpedoes which produce an explosion capable of hurtling any ship within its radius across space, causing all manner of confusion among the enemy ranks. This weapon is also very useful in clearing paths through dense asteroid fields.


Battleship — Seymour-Class

Using a stiltonium magnet created by enriching premium quality "Stilton" cheese with metamatter, this huge, heavily armoured warship can attract all enemy projectiles in a radius, effectively protecting all the smaller allied ships in the vicinity.


Flagship — Tudor-Class

The Flagships of this class showcase a sophisticated defense system using a technology named "Pyroclastic Flow" which is able to launch a large number of homing missiles within a radius, destroying any intruder rash enough to attack. The concept is so frightening that no enemy dared to approach a Flagship equipped with such a system until now.


Coming soon...

We will describe the elegant spaceships of the Celestial Empire...